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Stellantis Digital is a dealer focused program with a primary objective of helping dealers sell more vehicles, parts and service using online tools. When dealers join the Stellantis Digital program, they gain access to their choice of vetted, certified and integrated providers to guarantee they meet our biggest objective: to help you sell more vehicles.

Overall Program Management
  • Lower fees for digital products and services means more dollars in media working for you
  • Complimentary Concierge services for lead follow-up
  • URL registration and management
  • Consolidated partner billing, payment processing, audits and reconciliation
  • Digital Co-op eligibility and automatic submission
  • Industry benchmark, new product testing and pilot launch
  • VIP – dealer support services
  • Business Centre Campaign (Heavy Ups) management
Brand Site Integration
  • High converting leads from brand websites
  • Deep linking from the brand websites into your inventory pages
  • Inventory Syndications to brand sites from your dealer websites. Your Dealership’s Inventory Pricing, photos and comments are displayed on the Brand Websites
  • Data integrations to ensure consistency for dealer websites, vehicle data, incentive data, inventory, vehicle imagery
  • Validated performance results which are unbiased for program partners
  • Insight, metrics and analytics, including training
  • Website and media tagging and measurement
  • Partner measurement and ongoing management

Program FAQ

Information about the Stellantis Digital Program can be found on this website, or by contacting the Stellantis Digital VIP dealer support center at .

How do I enroll into the Stellantis Digital Program products and services?

Stellantis Digital Dealer Program product enrollments can be made by contacting the Stellantis Digital VIP dealer support centre at 1-877-344-1227, or enrolling via DealerCONNECT/Sales.

Can I use Digital Co-op funds for this program?

Stellantis Digital advertising services are eligible for Co-op reimbursement. For further details, please contact the Stellantis Digital VIP dealer support centre at 1-877-344-1227 or your Business Centre.

How long does a Dealer have to stay on Program?

There are no long-term contracts in the Stellantis Digital Program. The contract period for all programs is month-to-month.

What are the Stellantis Digital Billing rules for cancellations?

All Stellantis Digital certified products are month-to-month agreements and must be canceled before the 10th of each month. Stellantis Digital Dealer Program products and services will be billed directly to the dealer’s parts statement. If opting out, you must email or contact the VIP Dealer support centre at 1-877-344-1227 on or before the 10th of your last participating month if you do not wish to be billed for the following month.

How can I get analytics/reporting for my website?

The program is tightly integrated with your Stellantis Digital website and Stellantis Digital’s Insight reporting. Up-to-date analytics will always be available within the Insight reporting on DealerCONNECT/Sales.

Which providers should I choose?

All providers have value propositions to meet your needs. Click the “Learn More” link to get a better understanding of each provider’s strengths and what they can offer. If you have additional questions about a provider, please contact the Stellantis Digital VIP Team at or 1-877-344-1227.

Get to Know Your Field Advisor

Your Stellantis Digital Field Advisor provides strategies, tactics and tools to maximize your digital exposure and lead conversions. Each Stellantis Canada Business Centre has a dedicated Field Advisor available to dealers at no charge to help drive efficiencies in digital strategy and dealer processes with the goal of increasing sales.

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