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Stellantis Digital Certified Website Program is a dealer focused program with a primary objective of helping dealers sell more vehicles, parts and service through digital channels. By participating in the Stellantis Digital certified website program, dealers gain access to website providers that are vetted, certified and integrated into our program so we can meet our biggest objective: to help you sell more vehicles.

Program FAQ

What is the Stellantis Digital Certified Website Program?

The Stellantis Digital Dealer Certified Website Program connects you with the best names in Automotive Digital Marketing to provide choice in who supports your website. Each website platform will present your site with a unique look and feel, allowing you to customize your online presence.

What are the key advantages of the certified website program?

   - Access to some of the most in-demand providers in the industry
   - Deep linking from the brand websites into your inventory pages providing high converting leads from brand websites
   - Data integrations to ensure consistency for dealer websites, vehicle data, incentive data, inventory, and vehicle imagery
   - Call tracking analytics and dashboards at no cost to you

How much does each provider charge for a website?

Site package pricing depends on the provider and website package level desired. Visit the Stellantis Digital enrollment portal on Dealer Connect

Where can I learn more about the certified website providers?

You can research each of the certified website providers on this website. In addition, the Stellantis Digital VIP Support team is always available to offer unbiased program information or connect you with providers to learn more or schedule a demo.

I’m not happy with my current certified website provider - can I switch providers?

All contracts in the Certified Website Program are month-to-month. You may switch providers at any time, but please be aware of the billing rules.

Can I use my own URL for the Certified Program?

In many instances, dealers may manage URL registration themselves; however, there are a few instances where Stellantis Digital must own the registration: when only an Stellantis trademark is used (ex. and when a geographic location is referenced in conjunction with Stellantis trademarks (ex. URL registration is a service provided by Stellantis Digital at no cost to dealers. All dealers are encouraged to take advantage of this service to ensure brand site deep links and additional media are directed to the program website.

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